How to generate free textures for texture pack with AI?

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Tutorial: Generating Minecraft Textures with AI for Beginners


Are you a Minecraft enthusiast looking to personalize your gameplay with unique textures? This easy-to-follow tutorial guides you through generating custom Minecraft textures using the power of AI with Stable Diffusion. Perfect for beginners, this method requires no advanced technical skills.

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Step 1: Access Stable Diffusion Web

Start by visiting the Stable Diffusion AI Image Generator. Use this direct link to access the site: Stable Diffusion Web.

Step 2: Selecting the ‘sai-texture’ Style

  1. Navigate to Styles: Once on the Stable Diffusion website, look for the ‘Styles’ section. This area allows you to choose how your AI-generated image will be styled.

  2. Choose ‘sai-texture’: Within the ‘Styles’ options, find and select the ‘sai-texture’ style. This specific style is optimized for creating textures and will be ideal for your Minecraft texture pack.

Step 3: Generating Your Minecraft Texture

  1. Input Your Description: In the provided text box, enter a description of the texture you want to generate. Be as specific as possible to get the best results. For example, “Cobblestone texture for Minecraft” or “Vibrant grass block texture.”

  2. Click ‘Generate’: After entering your description, click the ‘Generate’ button to start the AI texture generation process.

  3. Wait for the Texture to Generate: The AI will now process your request and generate a texture based on your description. This might take a few moments.

Step 4: Downloading Your Texture

Once the texture is generated, you’ll see it displayed on the screen.

  1. Inspect the Texture: Look at the generated texture and decide if it meets your expectations. If not, you can always modify your description and try again.

  2. Download the Texture: If you’re satisfied with the texture, there will be an option to download it. Save the image to your computer.

Step 5: Applying the Texture in Minecraft

After downloading the texture, you can add it to your Minecraft game.

  1. Locate Your Minecraft ‘resourcepacks’ Folder: This folder is usually found in your Minecraft game directory.

  2. Create a New Texture Pack: Place the downloaded texture in a new folder within ‘resourcepacks’. Make sure to follow Minecraft’s texture pack structure.

  3. Activate the Texture Pack in Minecraft: Start Minecraft, go to ‘Options’, then ‘Resource Packs’, and select your new texture pack.

  4. Enjoy Your Custom Texture: Load a world in Minecraft and see your new AI-generated texture in action!


Congratulations! You’ve successfully created a unique Minecraft texture using AI technology with Stable Diffusion. This beginner-friendly method opens up a world of creativity, allowing you to customize your Minecraft experience in new and exciting ways.

Remember, experimentation is key. Feel free to explore different styles and descriptions to generate various textures for your Minecraft world. Happy crafting!


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